Historically Based Organ Building In A Fresh American Style

The organ has been and continues to be the primary instrument of the church. Our team at the Ross King Company values the strong, historic tradition of this instrument and is committed to building new instruments in a fresh American Style.

Our instruments are extraordinary because of their:

  • Genuine, inspiring sound
  • Long-lasting nature
  • Beautiful architectural details
  • Attractiveness to organists and young persons
  • Low maintenance and utility costs
  • Requirement for no special heating and cooling (Organs were in Europe and America hundreds of years before air-conditioning.)
  • Design for each individual church – acoustically, musically, and visually
  • Low maintenance – They usually only need tuning once or twice a year
  • Investment amortized over decades, not years
  • Expandable, rebuildable, movable

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Ross King has published a book to share his love and knowledge of organs with all who have a passion for the organ.

“A Handbook for Organists, Organ Committees and Organ Builders”

Our Current Projects

Holy Trinity Seminary

Irving. Tx

Relocation of Redman tracker organ, Opus 41, 1984



Providing quality, historically based organ maintenance while remaining sensitive to modern church needs.



Our Organ Portfolio

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