Arrangements, Installation, Schedule

The Organbuilder supplies
  • all of the components for the organ;
  • finishing (staining, lacquering, oiling, etc.) of the wooden case and console;
  • installation of all parts of the organ except as noted below;
  • final voicing and tuning.
The Church supplies:
  • suitable space and a solid foundation for the organ;
  • electrical connection of the blower motor, organ power supply, and lamps, including supplying switches, protection devices, wire, conduits, etc., by a locally-licensed electrician;
  • conduit between the console and the pipe case or chambers for the organ cables;
  • adequate heating/cooling supply ducts higher than the highest part of the organ and return ducts lower than the lowest part of the organ;
  • return air ducts or ventilation blowers inside the chambers;
  • airtight wind duct between the blower and the organ if the blower is in a remote location and between the pipe chambers if there is more than one chamber.

Eighteen months is ordinarily required from the time of signing a contract until completion of the organ, depending on work in hand at the time of signing. Completion should never be rushed at the expense of voicing.

Payment schedules can be arranged to suit the church. The following is suggested:

  • 15% at the time of signing;
  • 5% when construction of mechanical parts begins (about 30 days later);
  • 7.5% when construction of pipes begins (another 15-30 days);
  • 20% when mechanical components are complete (another 3-6 months);
  • 20% when pipes are complete (another 3-6 months);
  • 17.5% when the organ is delivered to the church premises;
  • 15% when the project is complete.