Organ casework designed and built by our firm.  Jackson & Ayres, Fort Worth, architect for building alterations, including new chancel and additional space for organ.

The organ is blown by wind generated by a one horsepower centrifugal blower.  Wind pressures:  4″ water column for flue pipes, 5″ for reed pipes.

Swell and Positif pipes are inside separate rooms with shutters which can be operated by the organist to regulate loudness.

Movable 3 manual drawknob console with transposer and multilevel solid-state combination action.

Great and Pedal Principals pipes in the display.

Pedal Major Bass — large scale open wood pipes.

Great and Pedal reed pipes are inside Positif chamber and are expressive.

Preparations for future addition:

Swell Trumpet and Clarion temporarily play Great Trumpet.

Great Super Octave 2′ temporarily plays Great Octave 4′.